LumaClean, LLC is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) formed in February 2015 to design EnClean. LumaClean, LLC is being operated by the two Founders/Partners. Martin von Dyck is a principle partner and co-invented the EnClean™ device using the experience learned as President of Biosearch Medical Products, Inc, known globally as the “Enteral Innovator” and inventor of the Dobbhoff® naso-gastic feeding tube.  

EnClean is an innovative cleaning device that when used together with other approved cleaning solutions provides germ-resistant brush-bristle contact to the complex internal architecture of the ENFit™ connector. Much of the internal surface areas of the ENFit™ connector are extremely difficult to clean with conventional cleaning devices such as cotton balls, swabs and cleaning wipes.   The EnClean™ device solves this problem.

 The EnClean brush provides brush contact to the internal threads of the ENFit Connector removing formula and medication from the connector before bacteria can grow or the connector becomes sticky. EnClean, for anyone who uses ENFit Connectors, is integral in keeping the device clean and sanitary. EnClean has a single-use or a reusable brush with germ-resistant bristles. The re-usable brush, when cleaned and cared for according to the Instructions For Use, can last for a minimum of 30 days.